1. IIT Ramaiah’s SAT exam is a gateway to IITs. But only few people can clear the entrance test. Hope the following points will help you. Here I will be focusing on mathematics only.

    1) Be thorough with your high school mathematics conceptually. You should have thorough understanding of the concepts without any doubts.

    2) The foremost skill required is application of the concepts you learnt in your high school maths (up to standard X). You may need to apply progressions while solving a geometry problem or you may need factor or simplify expressions while solving a trigonometry problem. So in short, you should be able to apply the concepts in different scenarios.

    3) Next comes solving previous years papers. Solving previous years papers(1991-2015) will boost your confidence a lot. Try to solve them on your own. Because that will help you remember the problem solving ways for a long time and may come in handy while taking SAT exam.

    4) The interesting thing about this exam is the Notations they use in Maths problems. That will blow you away if you are not accustomed. The notations may seem intimidating at first, by when you solve previous SAT papers you will get used to it.

    5) The Short answer questions, T/F questions and Fill in the blanks will give you an idea about the degree of conceptual application required. Don’t skip them. Solve them thoroughly.

    6) Though few problems may be solved using advanced level math(college level), using high school math will be appreciated because that shows your conceptual application skill.

    7) Don’t neglect any concept. Be it graphs, Sets, Linear programming etc. They will make a lot of difference.

    8) Worth of special mention is Geometry. You should be able to visualize the problems and draw diagrams accordingly, if necessary. This is an area you may find little difficult but is of significance.

    9) Some problems require you to think logically which you may not come across in your school mathematics.

    10) It is better to solve a problem fully rather than attempting multiple problems incompletely.

    11) Coming to books, there is no prescribed book as such but Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics and some chapters of Higher Algebra by Hall & Knight (chapters concerned with high school maths) should suffice.

    All The Best.

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